Are you Qualified Person for this?

It is hard to believe that this business maybe not for you. Multilevel Marketing or Network Marketing is not for everybody's business. It is sad but true but it is available for everybody to try and venture with. Do not be surprise in what I have said because in reality this is what is happening. 

Not all people think the same. 

All of us have a dream, maybe your friend's dream might not be as big as yours but in relative with the dreamer it is big enough for him or her. Even identical twins have different way of thinking even though it is similar it is still different. In other people NETWORK MARKETING is like a SCAM to them. They think this kind of business is "cheap" or low moral kind of business.

This Business is for both DREAMER and ACHIEVER

Having dreams are common to all of us, in fact all age brackets have their goals in life but doing something to achieve their dream is different thing. If you are a dreamer but believes that it is a dream and cannot be achieve then this is not for you.

If you know who you are and know your reasons WHY 

You should know your reasons why you want to achieve your dreams. You should know who you are, your reality and position in life. You should know how much wealth you want to achieve. Because if you are in denial and you do not know what is your reference point in your financial situation, you will not know how to go to your destination and you will be lost along the way.

This is for Optimistic Person only

If you think negatively most of the time do not get involve in this kind of business. In all aspects in life, thinking negatively will lead you to failure. Being in a business and building your networks will take time and effort, this is same with other traditional business. You need to work hard and smart for you to be able to succeed while being optimistic will keep you going in what you are doing.

Believe in your company and the product you are involved with

Know your company and the product involved in your business. If you do not believe in both, you cannot survive the test of time in your journey with the business

Do you always like to be in your comfort zone?

If you want something to change in your life, you must do differently out of your comfort zone for you in order to achieve something different. It is considered CRAZY if you always do the same thing but expecting different result. If most of the people you know is not financially independent and you do not like to do something different then do not be in this business.

Do you like easy money?

You should know that the LAW of the UNIVERSE is always in effect. If you want great amount of wealth, you should work for it because there is no easy money in all kind of business except if it is a scam. 


If you lived your life without experiencing rejections and you do not like to feel anything like that. Do not get involved in this business. Everybody thinks differently, even your close friends and relatives will reject you if they cannot see the opportunity you are showing them. This kind of business is sorting business, only the people with right mind and attitude can do this business.

If you think that you are qualified person to be in this kind of business then do not be afraid to try network marketing. And if you think these is out of your league then find your way to achieve financial independence some where else. It is really hard to accept these facts but it is true. If you still want to achieve your dreams in this business, then you should have a different mindset for you to qualify.