FERN International

For Everybody Regardless of Nationality!

i-fern or FERN International is a company owned and managed by FERN Inc.. The company that brought us the famous FERN-C. A famous brand in the Philippines because it has become an important part of every Filipino's protection against disease. Fern C becomes a well known brand until today since FERN Inc.. started last 2003.

FERN Inc. 

In 2012, Filipino Entrepreneurs' Resources Network (FERN), Inc revealed the grand plan for global expansion through the launching of i-FERN.

Using the same basic principle of positively changing lives by building relationships, i-FERN engages in direct selling and network marketing. Like its mother company, i-FERN believes in a very concept: spreadig good health while giving lucrative business opportunities to its members.

Modern technology plays a major role in the i-FERN business as all transactions are done online. I-FERN offers a diverse array of world class goods which complement exisiting FERN PRODUCTS.

For a dream, which has become a reality fr many in the Philippines, i-FERN expands the FERN Vision, until prosperity is attained by all - regardless of race or nationality.

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The Owner of the Company is Mr. Tommanny Tan, a Filipino and a businessman with a vision that it is time for Filipinos to be Globally competitive as entrepreneurs. Recently in October 22, 2012, he was awarded by the ERNST AND YOUNG'S 2012 EMERGING ENTREPRENEUR OF THE YEAR. He was also awarded by MVP Bossing awards in 2012 (PLDT SME Nation and GO Negosyo). Our offices are located in FERN Corporate Center Building and FERN Gold Loop Tower which has 200 plus employees that is always ready to serve you with a smile. We have our own FDA Compliant warehouse that ensures the quality of our product and we also have our very own 24/7 call center Hotline for the convenience of all its members.

Our Company has training centers across the country to be able to guide its members or business partners, we have these centers in Zamboanga, Davao, Cagayan De Oro, Legaspi, Laguna, Osamis, Bacolod and Tacloba. And more training centers to build as we go globally competitive company.