6 Ways To Earn

With our revolutionary, hybrid marketing plan, you can start and be on your way to reaching your dreams!
i-FERN is not just about making money. It is about helping people attain their dreams. Thus, we help reward your success every step of the way.

#1 Retail Sales
As an i-FERN member, you get discounted prices on quality products from i-FERN. Choose from a wide range of health and nutrition products to suit your needs.
As an independent distributor, you can have a profit markup of as much as 40% for every product sold.

#2 Fast Start Commissions
Start your Business! Earn income just by building your Team!

I-FERN rewards you for sharing our business! Commission earned depends on the product package purchased by your new team member.

#3 Team Sales Commissions
i-FERN rewards great team performance! Earn as much as $14,000 when your Sales Teams reach a certain amount of sales volume.

#4 Matching Bonus

As you earn Team Sales Commissions, i-FERN will match a percentage of this and reward you further with a Matching Bonus! This bonus is paid weekly, and increases as you go up in rank!

#5 Group Sales Rebate
Every Active Distributor is entitled to a Group Sales Rebate (also known as a Matrix Rebate), earned from product purchases made by your Sales Team. This also can increase, depending on your leadership rank!
I-FERN also pays a Matrix Matching Bonus, wherein income generated by your personally-sponsored Distributors is matched, and paid out as a bonus!

#6 Global Bonus Pool
Build your business! Nurture your business! I-FERN will reward you through the Global Business Pool! As you grow and expand your Sales Team Network, i-FERN will include you in profit-sharing on a monthly basis!